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L. M. Drago 255 1º -1414 C.A.B.A.
Our Plant: Ruta 8 km 60,Calle 11  Nº 1073 P. I. Pilar, Bs. As.

Series 800 is composed of formulated products made of an iron salt and a calcium salt , plus selected additives, whose objective is the coagulation/floculation of organic and inorganic matter in suspension present in different types of effluents, clarified waters and other industrial waters. Given the chain length and special characteristics in these coagulants, they are specific products that give optimum value to conventional treatments that provide aluminum salts or other organic coagulants. Some of the advantages are: easy application, large and heavy flocs formation, faster sedimentation, compact mud formation, low application dose and DQO and DBO3 decrease.
Product Composition
Claryfloc 830
Ferrous Chloryde
Claryfloc 840
Ferric Chloryde 40%
Claryfloc 841
Ferrous Chloryde Blend /Polyamine
Claryfloc 842
Ferric Fluoryde 30%
Claryfloc 850
Calcium Chloryde Blend/PAC
Claryfloc 854
Calcium Chloryde Blend/PAC/Polyamine
Claryfloc 855
Calcium Chloryde Blend/PAC
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