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L. M. Drago 255 1º -1414 C.A.B.A.
Our Plant: Ruta 8 km 60,Calle 11  Nº 1073 P. I. Pilar, Bs. As.

Newbury S.A. is an organization that develops, manufactures and markets a wide range of specialized chemical products. The company was set up in Argentina in early 1994. Since then, Newbury's activities have expanded over the years and the company is now involved in a wide variety of fields. The range of specialized chemical products that Newbury S.A. produces is applied in a number of different fields, which include the following:

The company’s offices are located in downtown Buenos Aires, whilst its production plant is situated 60 Km away from the city, in the Industrial Park of Pilar (990 hectares). The plant has a roofed surface of 2300 m2, with an additional 400 m2 set aside for laboratories and administrative offices. It is designed to operate with great flexibility and to undertake special taylor-made productions in a small scale.



A large part of our production is made in batches, using a wide range of multipurpose stainless steel and glassed reactors. These vary in capacity from 200 to 8,000 liters. Production at different pressures and temperatures is possible through the use of a full range of auxiliary services.

Years of experience in developing and producing chemicals, combined with the use of modern equipment and machinery, enable Newbury to manufacture a wide range of reagents, as well as producing a number of processes such as polymerizations, amidations, sterifications, quaternizations, and others.

A large industrial building, containing silos, mixers and pneumatic equipment was constructed for the production of powdered formulas. These premises are used for the manufacture of agents and products for different fields, with an annual output capacity of 15,000 tons.

Newbury's ability for research and development is the result of using both highly qualified, experienced personnel and sophisticated chemical equipment. Its modern laboratories are used for research, development, application assessment and quality control. The chemists involved in this process are constantly working towards the development of products applicable to new markets as well as being responsible for offering technical assistance to our clients


 Ceramic Industry
  Paint Industry
  Textile Industry
  Leather Industry
  Sugar Industry
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