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Coagulantes: CLARYFLOC coagulants line consists of a series of inorganic salts, synthetic organic polymers and a mixture of both. It is mainly used in solid-liquid separation processes destabilizing colloidal particles in suspension, thus stimulating coagulation. Coagulants are also used as emulsion breakers in industrial liquid effluents treatment.


Floculantes: CLARYFLOC flocculants line consists of a series of ionic, anionic and cationic synthetic polyacrylamide-based polymers of varied molecular weight and charge density, presented in powder, emulsion or aqueous solution forms. It is mainly used in solid-liquid separation processes, being adsorbed on different suspended particles and helping them aggregate. This facilitates the processes of sedimentation by gravity, filtration, thickening and mud dehydration.


Dispersantes: DYSPERSE dispersants line consists of a series of synthetic acrylic polymers (homo, co and terpolymers) designed to solids in aqueous phase in a variety of industrial applications.



NEWCARB products line consists of a series of organosulfur biocides highly efficient in bacterial, fungus and algae control, in industrial operations such as industrial water treatment, pulp mills for paper industry, sugar cane mills, oil industry, etc. These products also act as heavy metals sequestrants in industrial liquid effluents treatment.

NEWQUAT products line is based on quaternary ammonium compounds. It is mainly used as biocide, softener and static inhibitors in water treatment, oil, cosmetics and other industries.

NEWCIDE biocides line consists of a series of different chemical species used for varied industrial applications.



Unlike polyphosphates and phosphate esters, the carbon atom in phosphonates is directly linked to the phosphorus atom instead of an ether group and thus, it is the most resistant molecule to hydrolysis.
Each individual phosphonate presents unique characteristics and special applications in such a way that they offer excellent cost-benefit relation in each of those special applications.
For example, ATPM-based phosphonates are effective as calcium carbonate inhibitors, whilst DTPMP-based phosphonates are better barium sulfate inhibitors.



Newbury S.A. manufactures and markets a complete line of antifoam agents which are used in different industrial applications in such a way that allows choosing the most appropriate product for the application of interest.



NEWCELL products line consists of carboxymethyl cellulose-based compounds (CMC) of high purity and a wide range of substitution. These cellulose ethers are used as rheology control additives or drilling fluids viscosifiers in oil industry, powdered detergent formulation, ceramics, paper production and other industries.


Hidrato de Hidracina

Newbury S.A. is an ARCH CHEMICALS distributor of its Hydracine Hydrate-base line of products.
Nowadays, hydracine is used in water treatment, metal reduction, and it is an intermediary in the production of pharmaceuticals and agro products, among others.


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