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Series 700 is composed of primary cationic coagulants free of metallic salts, which replace classic coagulants used in effluents treatment such as polymers derived from tannic acid, and allow to obtain exceptionally clear waters especially when they are contaminated by colloids, oils, hydrocarbons or other products in suspension. It is used in the clarification process of waters with low cloudiness and high color due to the presence of organic matter.
Series 700 also includes a great number of coagulants making blends of polyamins, aluminum polychloryde, polydadmac and aluminum sulfate.

Product Composition
Claryfloc 713
Tannin Based Polymer
Claryfloc 714
Tannin Based Polymer
Claryfloc 715
Tannin Based Polymer
Claryfloc 716
Cationic polyamine/PAC
Claryfloc 717
Cationic polyamine/PAC
Claryfloc 718
Cationic polyamine/PAC
Claryfloc 719
Cationic polyamine/PAC Aprob. INAL
Claryfloc 720
Aluminum polychloryde 18%
Claryfloc 721
Aluminum polychloryde 23%
Claryfloc 722-B-792
polydadmac blend/aluminum polychloryde
Claryfloc 723 al 799
polyamine blend/aluminum polychloryde
Claryfloc 730-731-735
polyamine blend/ aluminum sulfate
Claryfloc 750
Solid aluminum polychloryde 30%
Claryfloc 740 al 797
polyamine blend/aluminum polychloryde
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