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Series 900 is composed of liquid coagulants of cationic nature whose chemical composition consists of a diallyl dimethyl ammonium chloride polymer recommended as primary coagulant or coagulation auxiliary in potable water clarification, gravity sedimentation, primary and secondary liquid effluents treatment. When the solids content -in suspension- is low and the flocculant's molecular weight is not high enough, the floccules formed are small, giving way to microfloccules that produce high cloudiness in the treated water. This molecule has the neccesary chemical characteristics to correct this inconvenient because it has two molecular structures: one determines its positive (cationic) charge and the other (of high molecular weight) increases the contact probabilities between particles that are discharged and absorved in the flocculant, thus creating large size floccules. Furthermore, this line includes all kinds of blends proper for each of the application uses.

Product Composition
Claryfloc 920
Blend polydadmac/polyamine
Claryfloc 921
Blend polydadmac/PAC
Claryfloc 930
polydadmac 30% alto PM
Claryfloc 940
polydadmac 40% alto PM
Claryfloc 948
polydadmac 20% alto PM
Claryfloc 960
Blend polydadmac/polyamine
Claryfloc 980
Blend polydadmac/polyamine
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